SEA JASPER Tumbling blocks - face mask - inside pocket - removable nose bridge

SEA JASPER Tumbling blocks - face mask - inside pocket - removable nose bridge

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Hand made in Miami - additional filters and surgical mask not included


      • Three protective layers: - two layers of broadcloth poly cotton blend fabric - third layer of a non-woven material.

      Broadcloth fabric is a tightly woven plain weave making it a great material for face mask.

      • Filter pocket for extra layering - It can fit a surgical mask for extra protection and extending the life of it. - Disposable homemade filters from non-woven materials like vacuum bags, HEPA filter, coffee filter or paper towel can be use. Change homemade filter often and discard after use.
      • A nose bridge (one included) to achieve better fit, avoiding unnecessary gaps on the face. A chenille stem or pipe cleaner can be used as additional nose bridge.
      • Elastic jersey loops to attach around the ears. There are also available with 100% cotton ties to tie around the back of head. Please send us an email to request this option.                                                                                                          

      Care instructions

      • Before first use : Please remember to wash, dry and iron steam your mask before the first use. Although we , makers, are wearing masks while working and washing our hands often, we are not working in sterile facilities.
      • Every time you use the mask : Please remove the nose wire or pipe cleaner before washing - Hand wash with soap and warm water or machine wash with detergent on high temperature - dry in the dryer at high heat for 30 minutes - iron steam to finish, then put back the nose wire                                                                      
      • Extra sanitation : - Can be water boiled 10 minutes after being washed.                                                                                                 


    No claims are made that Sea Jasper face mask will protect the wearer from Covid-19
    All sales are final - Only domestic shipping
    Pickup is available for Broward and Miami Dade residents (ZIP 33138)