The Sea Jasper or Ocean Jasper is a rare gemstone with properties of self-healing, joy, and positive spirits. It is found solely on the coast of Madagascar at the edge of the ocean. The brand Sea Jasper was created as an embodiment of the water in which this gem is found.

Based in Miami, Sea Jasper Sustainable Fashion is centered primarily around creating eco-friendly clothing. We are on a mission to bring awareness to the fragility of our planet through a more conscious use of material.

In order to achieve our goal of reducing waste and usage of synthetic materials, we employ a variety of techniques such as using natural dyes to achieve deep, lively colors, rescuing old or defective materials to reuse in a patchwork pattern, and exclusively using natural fibers. In doing all this, Sea Jasper strives to remain conscious and minimize its environmental impact.

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, but this can all be changed with sustainable fashion brands such as Sea Jasper, one outfit at a time.



Virginie Fallon is a French designer based in Miami. With a background in finance, three sons, and two dogs, Virginie returned to school in 2013 to pursue her dream to create art through fashion design. Soon after graduating, she founded Sea Jasper Sustainable Fashion.


Virginie has been recognized with:

  • Funkshion MIU Perry Ellis Womenswear Award in July 2015

  • Funkshion MIU Perry Ellis Womenswear Award in March 2015